Gabon’s national parks

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On September 4, 2002, at the Summit of the Earth in Johannesburg, President Omar Bongo Ondimba announced the creation of a network of 13 national parks in Gabon.
In a world where the wilderness authentic and original cultures are increasingly scarce, Gabon is an earthly paradise unique and remarkably well preserved thanks to the 11% of the territory, representing more than 30 000 km2 ; and they are involved in the sustainable management of the eco-system within the 13 national parks.
Natural systems in these parks have been preserved, and include the largest intact part of tropical forests in Africa. They contain the largest concentration of elephants forest on the continent, many species of birds, reptiles, and of mammals, including gorillas, chimpanzees, the mandrill and of hippos, and thousands of species of plants that we can’t find elsewhere.

By creating 13 national parks, which is an act most important in the overall protection of resources, Gabon is positioned as the Africa gateway to “tropical forest”. That enables the world to discover the rich resources of Gabon while preserving its heritage for the benefit of future generations.

Tortue Luth - Gabon


Province of Estuaire
‘The most beautiful reserve for Mangroves in Africa’

Akanda -Gabon

Akanda national park

Province of Estuaire
“The largest concentration of migratory birds of Gabon.”

Monts crystal - Gabon

Monts de Cristal national park

Province of Estuaire
“Forest area richest in species of plants in Africa.

Minkébé national park

Woleu-Ntem and Ogooué-Ivindo provinces
“The green lung of Gabon.”

Mwagna national park

Ogooué Ivindo province
“The second largest rainforest in the world.”

Mayumba - Gabon

Mayumba national park

Nyanga province
‘A National Park unique in the world for the laying of the leatherbacks’

Ivindo national park

Ogooué-Ivindo & Ogooué-Lolo provinces
“An exceptional wildlife.”

Lopé - Gabon

Lopé national park

4 provinces straddling
“A site both natural and cultural of the greatest interest, a major archaeological site in Africa”
Classified by Unesco in 2007, site mixed nature culture of world heritage for the mankind

Waka national park

Ngounie province
“The strength of this park is the existence of the culture of the Pygmy people.”

Loango national park

Province of Ogooué -Maritime
“A mosaic forest-Savannah-swamp on the edge of the Ocean.”

Moukalaba Doudou national park

Nyanga province
“The highest density of primates in Gabon.

Birougou national park

Ngounie & Ogooué-Lolo provinces
“Forest refuge of great biological wealth.”

Plateaux Batéké national park

Haut-Ogooué province
“Gorillas accustomed to human presence, an exceptionally diverse avifauna.

Favoring a smart ecosystem development for the 9 marine parks the 11 marine reserves

All of these national parks cover 3 million hectares, or about11% of the territory and 25% of marine territory with 11 aquatic reserves in 2017. The creation of these 13 parks had as their ultimate goal to promote a smart development of the ecosystem. Because of its location on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, Gabon has more than 800 km of coast line, in addition to a maritime area estimated at 265.000 km2. From this position, the coastal area concentrates almost 60% of the population and an important part of national economic activities.